Independent PR Practitioner Plusses


I’m so proud to be part of a strong community of independent public relations practitioners in Colorado. Whether we are working singularly for our clients or teaming up on projects, the community is extremely organized, supportive and friendly.
Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using an independent public relations practitioner.
1) You get more for your money. Why should you pay for all the overhead that a traditional brick and mortar agency charges you? I’ve seen agencies divide up their land line bill and tack that onto each client’s bill, along with the agency cost for renting its xerox machine. Not to name names, but all of us who worked there found it pretty embarrassing and it was more than one client who called protesting this practice. I mean come on—your office phones are there as part of the cost of doing business and the agency should absorb that.
2) You get more personal service and a lot more attention. If you’ve contracted with a larger agency, I’m sure you’ve experienced it or heard from your peers about how at some agencies, the senior-lpublic_relationsevel folks come in and sell the business and once the contract is signed, you never see them again and a bunch of junior people are handling your business. Unacceptable in my opinion.  I am about relationships and continual communication and always, always making sure my hands are all over the execution of your account. If I have to bring in help, it is with senior level, trusted PR colleagues I know will deliver results.
3) More budget/hours control. Who controls how much I work? Me. While many PR people try to assign a number of hours based on the tasks at hand, Strong PR has a solid reputation for squeezing a lot of results out of our hours and if we want to work overtime/gratis hours to push harder for those results, we do. Plain and simple. Your bill is what you agreed to pay and there’s no shock overbilling when all is said and done.
I could go on and on but these are just a few reasons. We’ll explore others more later on this blog–so come back often to read the latest!

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Audrey Strong has more than 20 years combined experience as both a public relations professional and television news person. Her hybrid background makes her an expert in media relations and one of her favorite things is to introduce and get exposure for clients via longtime, trusted media relationships. Her specialties also include media training, crisis communications, issues management, messaging, press kit creation as well as audio/video production.