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Be your own newsroom

Be your own newsroom

Whether you’re looking at business to consumer or business to business public relations, your public relations professional should be helping you become your own newsroom as part of his/her standard services. Content is king, newsroom staffs are slimmer and with the rise of social media and digital media, opportunities to contribute and get involved are at all-time highs. A few things to consider are:

Make sure your story is still compelling. Whether you are drafting a byline article that a media outlet is willing to use or guest blogging on a website, work with your public relations professional to make sure you are producing something compelling and interesting. Be sure you include keywords in the content that will help SEO.

Enable comments. A one-way dialogue never really works unless you are in a full-blown public relations crisis. Engagement increases when you allow interested readers to comment and commenting back can create influencer relationships you may not have had before.

Multimedia. Infographics, videos and podcasts are all ways to increase interest and engagement in spreading your public relations messages and news. How many times have you heard people say “I just can’t go to Pinterest or Instagram when I’m at work or I’ll get sucked into a vortex of just looking and looking!” Visuals with messages are twice as powerful as just messages.

If you like to be on camera or write your own articles or blog posts, let your PR pro know. Some of our clients like us to write the first drafts and shape content together, others love the craft of writing and the challenge of honing succinct thought leadership and messaging. Either way, being your own newsroom is a huge advantage over businesses of a couple decades ago, when you were beholden to the newsroom editorial staff and there was no social media. We are lucky to be living in a time with such terrific freedom!


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Audrey Strong has more than 20 years combined experience as both a public relations professional and television news person. Her hybrid background makes her an expert in media relations and one of her favorite things is to introduce and get exposure for clients via longtime, trusted media relationships. Her specialties also include media training, crisis communications, issues management, messaging, press kit creation as well as audio/video production.