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Wherever you want your story, we can help shape it and get it there. We know what’s newsworthy and aggressively counsel clients to make sure when we pitch it, it grows wings and flies.

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Whether you’re in crisis or just want to prep for a simple appearance, we thoroughly enjoy putting our clients through their paces. Practice definitely can make perfect, particularly when you’re being grilled by an award-winning journalist.

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How do you want to talk about yourself or your organization? What about responding to a specific situation that’s unfolding? Messaging is key to helping you keep your focus at all times.

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Web videos, video blogs, stinger videos, videos for events and fundraising or repurposing your existing multimedia into something way cool and new. You name it and we’ve probably produced it.

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Who We Are

We’re senior-level people who will deliver efficient results and don’t take you for a ride. Our mantra? We over deliver. What’s important to us? Relationships and a consistent team you’ll work with for years to come. No turnover, no unpaid interns pitching your stories. Just us with you – together.


You need a pitbull with a bullhorn in today’s fractured media landscape. Getting your story out requires skill, polite aggressiveness and a team that just won’t give up. Where does finesse come in? Skillful navigation of media, knowing how to talk to journalists, what story elements they want and need and building relationships for you, so you become a “go to” resource.


Why do people hire us? For the decades we spent in newsroom being pitched stories by PR people, stories that we rejected time and time again. We’re the PR people who send the email, the journalist sees it and READS it, because they know it’s going to always be good, useful and interesting. Every time.

What Our Clients Are Saying


I talk to patients about their “health meter” and how our goal is to move it toward the right, wherever they are starting from. Each time you interact with someone; is the meter moving towards the left or the right? With you, it always moves towards the right. You are a gem!

Gerard Guillory, MD The Care Group, PC

Can I just say how much I LOVE working with a professional like you!

Darla Worden Worden PR

BTW, you rock in getting all these responses — thank you!! You said you’d get responses and you’ve certainly delivered. That’s huge…thank you Audrey!!

Janelle Schwartz FISKARS

Audrey truly is a bulldog with a bullhorn! The only thing shorter than a journalist’s time these days is their attention spans. Audrey somehow gets them to pay attention.

C. Lee Smith SalesFuel

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Audrey on multiple projects. Time and time again, Audrey has proven that her professional know-how and industry expertise are far superior to other professionals in the “biz.”

Kelly Maves Four Seasons Private Residences/Maves Construction

Audrey gets results. She is intuitive at discovering your best content and knows how to share it. Excellent communication, always on time, professional. I highly recommend working with her.

Iman Woods Iman Woods Creative

Audrey has done a remarkable PR job for my startup – The money we paid Strong PR & Multimedia is one of the best initial investments we’ve made. She got us connected to our marketplace through the press and bloggers creating the necessary buzz we needed for our startup. Best of all, she really “sipped” the hours – we got so much from her and we’ve just renewed Audrey for 2015!

Dean Wiltshire Colorado Teardrops Campers

Audrey is a team player and a pleasure to work with.

Frank Bandy Multimedia Sales and Marketing

Audrey is an exceptional partner and resource. She is great at building and maintaining relationships, which I can imagine is why she has such a strong base of contacts to draw upon. She always goes the extra mile to make sure the job is done right, and doesn’t take no for an answer. All-in-all she is hard-working, professional, friendly, and reliable- our clients love her!

Leah Spokojny Agency Zero

I know there has been some great PR work done this week! Thank you 🙂

Heather Hine Davis Phinney Foundation

Audrey is an amazing mind to work with on projects. Whether it is having her as a client or utilizing her as a partner for my clients looking for excellent PR, the knowledge and experience she brings to the table is irreplaceable. She is a true professional, reliable to a fault and just an overall pleasure.:)

Chad Carpenter car•ma President

Strong PR has done a tremendous job helping us get our company name out and gaining national exposure in our niche industry. They helped us hone and deliver a consistent message about our company’s experience, capabilities and thought leadership. Audrey is so easy to work with and is tenacious with follow-up to earn exposure for us. We are definitely seeing the rewards of this effort.

Beth Frederick SalesFuel Marketing Director

Audrey’s tactical approach to event-based PR, coupled with her follow-through and willingness to do whatever it takes, resulted in multiples more print, television and radio attention then we were hoping for. Strong PR is now our go-to PR agency for the multiple businesses we manage.

Michael Nowotarski Visual Vaccine (Elias Airshows/Suzuki) CEO

Meet Audrey Strong

To navigate today's fractured media landscape requires a combination of skill, polite aggressiveness and a never quit mentality. The ability to talk the talk with journalists, know the stories they want and need, and build relationships to make clients the go-to resource. It takes a PR Pitbull with a bullhorn.

Audrey Strong

Audrey Strong Principal

Audrey Strong has more than 20 years combined experience as both a public relations professional and television news person. Her hybrid background makes her an expert in media relations and one of her favorite things is to introduce and get exposure for clients via longtime, trusted media relationships. Her specialties also include media training, crisis communications, issues management, messaging, press kit creation as well as audio/video production.

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